Services for Authors

Whether it’s coaching new writers or marketing bestsellers, I’ve been working with authors for over 10 years. I know that regardless where you are now, your words are important. I’ll help you get your book into the hands of readers. 

"It is a comfort and a delight to work with Mel."

"Over the years I've benefited from her excellent writing skills; her reliable, clear communication; and her thoughtful advice on marketing and audience development.  Mel is always two steps ahead of me. She has helped me figure out how to build a bigger audience and stay in touch with them. In short - Mel makes me look really good!  Thank you, Mel." - Emmy Laybourne, Author and Actor

Author Coaching

If you’re already writing books or trying to get that first book out of your brain and onto the page, one thing remains true: you have a message to share. How freaking awesome is that? Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, taking action on the desire to write a book is pretty magical.

It’s also super hard, right?

I offer two levels of coaching for authors:

New Author Coaching

This is for you if you believe you have a book in you, but you’re struggling to get it out. Maybe you’ve got a story in your head that just won’t leave you alone. Or maybe you’ve got a lesson to teach. Or maybe you just know writing a book would dramatically help your business, but you’re not sure exactly what to say.

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Let's add "published author" to your resumé. 

My goals are to help you:

  • Clarify your message
  • Find time to write
  • Unlock motivation
  • Overcome the voice that says “I’m not sure I can…”
  • Choose your path to publication
  • Finish the dang book


Let’s create a version of Future You who has a book finished and published!

Authorpreneur Coaching

This is for authors who are ready to make serious progress as authors and entrepreneurs. I created this coaching program primarily for authors who are not only looking to improve the way they run their author business and balance the creative and entrepreneurial mindsets, but for those who are interested in expanding their offerings beyond books.

Your book can be the anchor point to launch your speaking career, courses, coaching program, and more. 

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Vision → Strategy → Action →  Transformation

Whether you're self or traditionally published, it can be tough to balance creativity and entrepreneurship.

This 12-week program is designed to help you:

☆ Improve productivity
☆ Restore the joy of creativity
☆ Design a big-picture career strategy
☆ Adopt the Authorpreneur mindset

Authorpreneur Coaching Includes:

12 1-hour calls (over 12 weeks)
Unlimited WhatApp access for 12 weeks

Let’s create a version of Future You who is less stressed, more productive, and feels confident as a creative entrepreneur.


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You only get one life to live. Let's make it a great one.

See if we’ll make a good team:

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Author Marketing Packages

The goal of author marketing is not only to convert leads into sales (or readers into buyers), but to create a sticky readership. What I mean is we want to establish a long-term connection with your readers. This way, when you put out merchandise or a course or launch your speaking career or write more books, you’ll reach more people with each launch.

Marketing is about sales, my friend, so if sales make you feel icky, let me suggest you go through my Authorpreneur Coaching Program before signing up for a marketing package.

Email Marketing (Newsletter)

I’ll make sure your newsletter is attracting new readers, create some stellar new content, and make sure you’re set up properly to be both legal (hello, regulations) and engaging.

Author Platform Optimization

Let’s make sure you’ve claimed all your author profiles on the world wide web and have them optimized to funnel readers to where you want them (your email list… trust me. That’s where you want them.)

Website Optimization

A website is one of an author’s greatest and most underutilized tools. Let’s make sure yours is user-friendly, attractive, and converting visitors into buyers or subscribers.

Marketing Graphics

Marketers used to say that someone needs to see your product 7 times before they follow through on a sale. But in today’s scrolling society, that number might be even higher. I’ll create some fancy-schmancy (or sleek and classy . . . you know, whatever your vibe is) marketing graphics for your book or your newsletter freebie.

Strategy Calls

Oh boy do I love strategy! I’m all about breaking things down step-by-step and making sure you’ve got an eye on the big picture and your bright future. Let’s set up a plan for your marketing (and career) success.

Your words are important and your book matters. Let’s get it into the hands of readers.

Package and duration will be customized for your needs.

Packages start at $1500

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